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Traditionally speaking, authentic Taiwanese hotpot is a communal meal.  In other words, a family or group of people, share and cook their meal in one large pot of soup.  Over ten years ago, some restaurants in Taiwan started serving hotpot in an individualized fashion.  The greatest two advantages for this "change" are:  it is more sanitary and people can be more "selfish" - cook only what they choose to in their own broth.
Minni's Shabu Shabu serves authentic Taiwanese hotpot in an individualized manor.  Each person receives his/her own pot of soup with vegetables and choice of raw seafood or raw meat on the side. 
Individuals cook the ingredients in their own
soup.  A variety of sides are available to
order a la carte as well.  There is a sauce
bar where customers are welcome to
make and experiment with different
ingredients to create the perfect sauce
for their meal.  In addition, Minni's Shabu
Shabu offers a variety of authentic
Taiwanese BBQ dishes.  Sago and jelly
drinks are available to compliment your
meal ranging from different teas, to slushy
fruit juices.  If there's room to spare, an order of
shaved ice with toppings of your choice is a great
way to end of meal.
Copyright 2010 Minni's Shabu Shabu. All Rights Reserved
136-17 38 Avenue Flushing, New York 11354
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